General Contracting

ARGS has 35+ years of expertise in the construction field. ARGS has completed multiple projects from design and build, demo and refurb, construction renovation and repairs, concrete work, and any custom work required by our customers. ARGS also specializes in SCM/BMP inspections, repairs, and new builds. ARGS has worked on restoring dams, embankments, ponds, bridges, and grading projects. ARGS provides the knowledge and executes the jobs that no one else wants to do or knows how to do.

Commercial Swimming Pools

ARGS has been providing commercial pool expertise for 15+ years. We provide design, contracting and building of new pools, renovation of your existing pools, small repairs, VGB work, ADA work, concrete deck repairs/major renovations, plumbing repairs/major renovations, gutter grating and any construction needs for your aquatic facility. ARGS also provides chemical and equipment expertise for multiple commercial facilities across North & South Carolina. We are an Accu-Tab Calcium Hypochlorite certified dealer in North and South Carolina. We provide and install chlorinators, controllers, UV units and any other pool equipment your facility might need. ARGS provides customer support all across North and South Carolina and we are continuing to grow our company every day!

Residential Swimming Pools

ARGS has provided our commercial pool experience and brought it to the residential market. We can provide multiple types of pools from pre-fabricated fiberglass to customs concrete pools. In addition to swimming pools we have created outdoor areas that include fireplaces, fountains, outdoor grilling areas and other customs builds.

Acrylic/Plexiglass Shields

COVID has changed everyones life in one way or another. ARGS has put our knowledge of using acrylic/plexiglass to help make schools, offices, fitness areas, public facilities and transportation as safe as we can. We are able to come to your facility and create our customs made sneeze guards, desk shields, and/or table guards to fit your needs. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like us to come to your facility for a free assessment and quote.